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CoasterStone: The Heart of the Hearth

With a broad spectrum of designs that will complement any decorative scheme, stone coasters add a touch of exceptional quality and timeless elegance to any home. They’re great as gifts for friends or loved ones, who will remember you whenever they partake of their evening refreshments, morning cups of coffee, or afternoon tea.

CoasterStone: The Original Stone Coaster

Determining that sandstone was not the right density to build bathtubs out of, an elderly patriarch of the Peacock family, and former President of Hindostone, set his martini glass down on a slab of sandstone at the end of a long day, and was struck by a sudden insight into another utility for which the stone would prove serviceable.

The stone that built the Empire State building came from the quarries of Southern Indiana, and that’s where Hindostone was born as well. Having begun as a manufacturer of whetstones, the company has only recently moved into manufacturing stone coasters. CoasterStone was added in 1983 as a new division of Hindostone, a family business with deep Indiana roots dating back to the 19th century.

Stone coasters are an integral accessory for home and hearth. Like the heartland itself, the stone used to create CoasterStone’s absorbent stone coasters—mined out of American earth—endures.

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