About Us

About Us

Company History: A Family Effort
Hindostone was founded in 1821 as a manufacturer of whetstones, natural stones that food purveyors, butchers, cooks and merchants used for sharpening knives. When cheaper man-made stones replaced their natural counterparts, Hindostone re-emerged in the 1950’s as a manufacturer of cuticle removers used by professional manicurists.

In 1983, Jay and Sandy Peacock bought the company, which was located in Southern Indiana. Proud new business owners, the two sons brought home evidence of their new acquisition-some unused pieces of sandstone they found in one of the abandoned warehouses. With martini in hand, Jay and Sandy’s father performed a number of “fatherly” quality assurance tests on the sandstone and surmised that it was not durable enough to tile floors or bathtubs. But when he set his drink on one of the pieces and discovered that the stone absorbed the moisture from his martini glass, he urged his sons to start a coaster business using the porous stone. Very shortly thereafter, CoasterStone was born, the first truly absorbent coaster. Inventors of the category, the company later introduced absorbent stone trivets and now many new products.

In early 2009 Jay joined forces with DSH Indiana, Inc, another family owned business, whose Indiana roots date back to 1880.

Signature Artwork

CoasterStone offers the widest selection of art available in the marketplace.  With over 2,000 designs to choose from, CoasterStone can satisfy any style or preference.  Coasters feature licensed artwork from nearly 50 artists, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Brent.